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"Marble Ball" by ASHLEY, Video by Boyd Pro


ESP EXP // Audio by Boyd Pro, Video by Willa Dock


The Silence is Killing Us // video by Luke Rocha & Michael Hutcherson
Presented as part of Luke's installation at H&R Block Artspace, KCAI, Oct-Dec 2012


Your Reflection :: "Analog Apache" // from the album "Electric Indian"


TVTV # 129 ft. tracks from BCRMXS // video by Nick Atkins  TVTVCHANNEL.COM


TVTV # 128 ft. Mr. Barnacle // video by Nick Atkins  TVTVCHANNEL.COM



TVTV # 101 ft. "Fanatic" from the Voodoo Beat EP // video by Nick Atkins  TVTVCHANNEL.COM


"PRESSURE" video by Luke Rocha



THE SILVER RECOVERY: "Jungle Concrete" video by Jason Heath



BCRMXS: "Ram at the Darkness" video by Boyd Pro



BOYD CITY: "WindFall + Feel Appeal + Fresh Outdoors" video by Jason Heath



BOYD CITY: "B.C.P.D." video by Boyd Pro



TOPP BOOM: "Wake Up" video by Michael Hutcherson



Hoptoberfest 2007 video by Noah Moore and Michael Hutcherson

music by Topp Boom and Deep Thinkers