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Your Reflection is the musical collaboration of Luke Rocha and Michael Hutcherson. Initiated in mid-2010 as a free psychedelic electronic group comprised of Michael, Luke and his brother Patrick, the group gradually morphed over the following year into a full-scale studio recording project. Obscure samples from Luke’s vast vinyl collection established the foundation upon which Michael constructed songs across the U.S. and Berlin (while on tour with Twin Shadow throughout 2011). Harkening back to psych and funk of the 1970s, Your Reflection's sound developed into a unique blend of far-out fuzz guitars, analog synthesizers and drum machines.

Their first release, Electric Indian, is a concept album, an homage to native American culture mixed with analog spirit. Additional contributors to the record were Adam Brilla, Greg Moss, Sam Cohen, George Lewis Jr. , Frank Aveni, Patrick Rocha, and Boyd Pro. calls it "a cinematic beast that heaves puffs of 1970s airplane glue in & out of the same paper bag John Bender had in his school locker at Shermer High School."

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